About Us

It is the goal of this ministry to enlighten the nation as to the true, UN-revised, history of our nations founding.  We hope to reach people from the pulpit so they to can spread the truth of our nation that we were indeed founded on the principles of Jesus Christ.

~We Share America’s Religious Heritage From The Pulpit~

~Pastor/Chaplain Leon and Sandie Stevens~

We are retired and living in Las Vegas, Nevada. We  have been married for forty plus years and have three children and four grandchildren.

We share a passion for the history of America and its founding. We are patriots and are very concerned about the direction our country is heading. We believe our nation was  founded on Judaeo-Christian principles and believe the direction of our country for the last forty-five years has taken away the very foundation that our country was built upon.

I am the author of “One Nation Under God: A Factual History of America’s Religious Heritage.” It is a study of our Founding Fathers; their beliefs, their goals and their history. It uses the direct words of the Founding Fathers from personal letters, personal Bible notes, and many more substantiated sources.

The farther away we move from God the worse our society becomes. “One Nation under God” was written to prove to the country, and possibly the world, that we are a Christian nation; and we started this ministry as a way to reach more people using this book and the Holy Scriptures.

“One Nation under God” includes many landmark court cases that have affected our way of life in the way the American people can worship the Lord in public and in private. It tells of the “First and Second Great Awakenings,” religious revivals, that brought our nation back to God. The book is a map of our rise to greatness and our decline to the potential oblivion of this once “light on the hill” for all the world to follow.  It also is a guide on how to reclaim our greatness by turning back to God for His forgiveness and guidance.

We strongly believe that a 3rd “Great Awakening,” a religious revival, is needed in this country and we will proclaim this in church, schools, fields, anywhere people can freely gather to hear the truth about our Founding Fathers.  The truth about how they were influenced by the Holy Scriptures in their lives and in the creation of this once great nation.  A revival that will bring us all back where we started in the eyes of God.  We will be a part of that revival.

We also minister to Adult and Teen Challenge. A faith based addiction recovery program here in Las Vegas, NV and in many other states across the country.