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“We were blessed to have Brother Leon and Ms Sandie Stevens come a be a part of our Veterans Day service. They both were a pleasure to get know and love. Their presentation in the service was both delightful and challenging to our church. Thank you Brother and Mrs. Stevens for your labor in the Lord.” ~ Pastor Chad Matheny, Freedom Baptist Church, Yuma, Arizona.

“Praying for the knowledge of Gods divine calling over this nation to become more and more evident through your ministry and others like it. So exciting to be an American especially in these days! Blessings!” ~ Janine, Las Vegas, NV

Brother Leon: Thank you so much for the beautiful presentation you gave of the truth of this country last night. It is something that needs to be told, and you made a superb explanation of how this country was founded. I wish it would have been recorded so the teenagers can learn those things that are no longer taught in our schools. God bless you and may God bless America.  ~  Delia, Las Vegas, NV

Great sermon Leon! Very Inspirational! ~ Greg, Las Vegas, NV

 “One Nation Under God: A Factual History of America’s Religious Heritage”

“It is my great pleasure to recommend to anyone who is interested in the truth of our Christian American heritage, the book, One Nation under God, by Leon G. Stevens. It is refreshing to see an accurate account of our founding fathers’ desires to build a nation that rested on Christ’s principles. Mr. Stevens actually quotes many of our nations great leaders from the past. This book will stir the heart of anyone who reads it to be a voice for Christ in our nation. ”
Dr. David Teis – Founder and Senior Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Las Vegas

“In this day of ‘revisionist history’ we must do all we can to place into print and into the hands of American citizens the nature of our Christian heritage. I am thankful to have this resource available.”
Dr. Paul Chappell – Author, Pastor Lancaster Baptist Church, Founder West Coast Baptist College

“This book should be in every person’s library who wants to know from the actual words and writings of our forefathers, what our incredible history truly is. I recommend this book for every Christian who cares about our beloved America!”
Dr. David Gibbs – Author, Evangelist and founder of Christian Law Association

“…One Nation Under God helps us remember who we are and what we did and thus helps preserve the American spirit.”
David Barton – Historian, Author, TV Producer, founder of Wallbuilders